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How to deal with zinc slag in zinc boiler?

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How to deal with zinc slag in zinc boiler?

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How to deal with zinc slag in zinc boiler?

In the process of using zinc boilers, hot-dip galvanizing is usually used as the material, and zinc slag will be produced in the long-term use. There are many ways to treat zinc slag. There are six common methods: aluminum replacement method, secondary reuse method, zinc oxide method, melting separation method, vacuum distillation method and chlorination chamber method. Here are the six ways to treat zinc slag.

1. aluminum replacement method

The main component of zinc slag is iron-zinc compound. In the process of recovery, iron can be separated by aluminum. The recovery rate of zinc is about 65%, and about 85% of iron in zinc slag can be removed.

2. two times usage

The 1% zinc bond can be added to the bottom or end of the ceramic zinc pot.

3. Zinc Oxide method

The high purity Zinc Oxide was produced at 10 degrees centigrade.

4. segregation separation method

That is to say, adding zinc slag to the graphite crucible at 550-580 C and precipitating at 500 C for a few minutes at rest to remove the slag.

5. vacuum distillation

All the zinc in the bottom slag can be recovered by vacuum evaporation, with iron powder and a small amount of aluminum remaining.

6. chlorination hall method

Zinc slag reacts with industrial hydrochloric acid to form aqueous solution of zinc containing chloride, which is a relatively simple process with low price.

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