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What is galvanized pot equipment?

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What is galvanized pot equipment?

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What is galvanized pot equipment?

Internal heating ceramic galvanizing equipment is a kind of equipment composed of protective heater, industrial ceramic pot, automatic temperature control system, etc. It can produce zinc slag, and has the characteristics of impact resistance and long life. It also belongs to a kind of hot-dip galvanizing pot. Today, the zinc pot manufacturer gives you the application scope of the zinc pot and galvanizing equipment.

1. galvanizing equipment belongs to high temperature and low temperature hot dip galvanizing products.

2. The internal heating ceramics galvanizing equipment is easy to operate and maintain, the production efficiency is very high, the operation is also very safe and reliable, can guarantee the zinc liquid temperature even.

3. Corrosion-resistant thermocouple is used to measure the temperature of zinc bath in internal heating ceramics galvanizing equipment. The temperature is accurate and the temperature is adjusted automatically to ensure long-term stable operation of zinc bath temperature.

4. The steel plate frame of the pot body is welded by standard steel. The steel surface is treated by rust-proof technology. The appearance is beautiful and the service life is long.

5. zinc plating equipment is convenient for zinc melting, and has the advantage of energy saving zinc resources.

The use of galvanized equipment can bring more advantages, energy saving resources, safe, reliable and pollution-free. The zinc boiler equipment manufacturer can set up multi zone temperature control according to the volume of zinc melting.

Galvanizing pot

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