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Comparison of zinc boiler production process

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Comparison of zinc boiler production process

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

Zinc boiler is a kind of equipment that can be used for steel corrosion and durability, mainly composed of hot galvanizing. The production technology of zinc pot includes hot-dip galvanizing and cold-dip galvanizing. Today, I will tell you about the comparison of production technology of zinc pot and some knowledge about zinc pot.

1. hot-dip galvanizing is achieved in zinc pot solution through cold galvanizing through electrode reaction.

2. the effect of cold galvanizing is poor and uneven, and rust usually occurs in two or three years.

3. hot galvanizing process: immerse steel parts or castings in molten zinc solution.

4. Cold galvanizing process: the steel surface chemical cleaning treatment into the electroplating solution, after electrification, zinc in the molecular state to replace the steel surface

5. The cold galvanized layer is brighter than the hot galvanized layer, but thinner and has weaker corrosion resistance. The hot galvanized layer is thicker and stronger corrosion resistance.

The above is the comparison of two different production processes of zinc pot, if the use of zinc pot for anti-corrosion, then the choice of hot-dip galvanizing is better.

Electric heating zinc boiler

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