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Zinc slag in the process of work, why zinc slag?

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Zinc slag in the process of work, why zinc slag?

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

Zinc slag in the process of work, why zinc slag?

Zinc boilers are widely used in construction, agriculture and transportation industries. Zinc boilers are often used as anticorrosion equipment because of their large thickness, regular surface, good corrosion resistance, formability and weldability. But when the zinc pot is working, there will be zinc slag after a period of time. Why is that? The formation quantity and morphology of zinc slag particles are related to Al content, zinc temperature and submergence roll. Specific measures are:

1. When zinc ingot is added to the zinc pot, high-aluminium ingot is added according to the proportion to gradually increase the aluminium content and ensure that the aluminium content (mass fraction) in the zinc liquid is controlled between 0.26% and 0.3%. A small amount of nitrogen is added to the slagging area to agitate and clean up the zinc level every 2h.

2. In the initial stage of roll printing, increase the load of cooling section of reheating furnace, reduce the temperature of strip entering zinc pot to 400~430 C, and decrease the preset temperature of zinc pot to 450~455 C. Prevent the high power of zinc pot inductor to start the zinc liquid heating, then reduce the reaction speed of iron and zinc in the zinc pot, reduce the thermal reaction energy entering the zinc pot, and prevent the roll from entering the zinc pot. Print generation.

3. The life of sunken rollers is not more than 30d. For the replacement of the sunk roll, spraying treatment to effectively prevent the use of late sunk roll surface roughness or erosion.

Above is about the zinc pot in the process of zinc slag treatment methods, if you have different views, welcome to add.

Zinc boiler

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