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Development advantages of zinc boilers

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Development advantages of zinc boilers

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Development advantages of hot-dip galvanizing pot

The process of forming a layer of metal zinc on the surface of a galvanizing line by physicochemical reaction of surface metal materials or parts immersed in molten zinc solution with air or other substances, is mainly used on the metal facilities of various industries. Hot-dip galvanizing pot is the key equipment for hot-dip galvanizing of steel strip. The material is unimportant because of the high temperature oxidation and attached condition for a long time. After years of experimental research, it has realized the transformation from complex to simple.

The iron-zinc pot used in the past has experienced from coal-fired, oil-fired, gas-fired to resistance-heated, from simple equipment investment is small, thermal efficiency is low, temperature control accuracy is low, labor force is large, to the present investment is large, heating is high, operating environment is good, simple, uniform heating, temperature control precision is high, convenient maintenance and so on. Process.

In recent years, the zinc pot plant has produced more than 8000 tons of hot-dip galvanizing pot for hot-dip galvanizing plants all over the country. The weight of the single station is 85 tons -2 tons, the exterior size is 3.6 meters, the X3.2 meter X16.5 meter is 1 meters, and the X0.6 meter X1.2 meter is not equal. The plate thickness is 60mm-50mm, 3/2.2 m X3 m, X16.5 m hot galvanizing pot weighs 82 tons, and the plate thickness is 60 mm. The zinc pot is divided into two sections, on-site welding. Butt welding inspection is acceptable.

Zinc boiler

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