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Introduction of smoke collector for galvanizing pot

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Introduction of smoke collector for galvanizing pot

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

Introduction of smoke collector for galvanizing pot

At that time, there were many harmful gases in galvanizing production. The most harmful ones are zinc dust (zinc oxide) smoke from hot galvanizing and ammonium chloride gas from solvent (ammonium chloride, zinc chloride) when heated. These smoke and dust affect the working environment and corrode the workshop and equipment.

The general skills required for this equipment are:

1. Application of product spraying line.

2. Fixed roof suction hood is arranged above the zinc pot, harmful dust gas is extracted through pipeline, filtered through the chimney by big bag filter, and then discharged into the atmosphere.

The equipment needs to reach the following guidelines:

1. It can capture more than 5 m particles of volatilization from the zinc pot, and the catch rate of zinc smoke is above 90%.

2, the post dust concentration is less than 10 mg/m3 (deducting the background value of the environment).

3. The capture rate of zinc slag and zinc powder reached over 90%.

4, the equipment itself plan should be in line with the working environment, and has better man-machine liaison.

5, the equipment plan itself should conform to the state and work environmental protection plan specification.

6. After dust removal, the concentration and rate of gas emission should reach the second-level requirement of Table 2 of the General Discharge Code for Atmospheric Pollutants (GB16297-1996), and the qualified discharge should reach the national environmental protection department for monitoring and inspection.

7. Equipment cloth bags should be guaranteed for one year and can still pass the inspection of the relevant state environmental protection departments after one year.

Galvanizing pot

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