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Difference between electric heating zinc boiler and hot-dip galvanizing

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Difference between electric heating zinc boiler and hot-dip galvanizing

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Electric heating zinc boiler:

In a galvanizing bath containing galvanizing solution, the plated parts to be cleaned and specially pretreated are used as cathodes, and the anodes are made of coated metal. The two poles are connected with the positive and negative poles of DC power supply respectively. The zinc plating bath consists of aqueous solutions containing metal-coated compounds, conductive salts, buffer agents, pH regulators and additives. After electrified, the metal ions in the zinc plating solution move to the cathode to form a coating under the action of potential difference. The metal of the anode forms metal ions into the galvanizing solution to maintain the concentration of the coated metal ions. In some cases, such as chromium plating, is made of lead, lead-antimony alloy insoluble anode, it only plays a role in the transfer of electrons, conduction current. The concentration of chromium ions in the electrolyte depends on the addition of chromium compounds to the bath regularly. In galvanizing, the quality of anode material, composition of galvanizing solution, temperature, current density, power on time, stirring strength, precipitated impurities, power waveform and so on will affect the quality of the coating, which needs timely control.

Hot-dip galvanizing:

Hot-dip galvanizing was developed from the older method of hot-dip galvanizing. It has a history of 170 years since it was used in industry in France in 1836. However, the hot-dip galvanizing industry has been greatly developed with the rapid development of cold-rolled strip in the past 30 years.

The production process of hot-dip galvanized sheet mainly includes preparation of original sheet, pretreatment before plating, hot-dip plating, post-plating and inspection of finished products. Hot-dip galvanizing process is usually divided into two categories according to the usual pretreatment methods: out-of-line annealing and in-line annealing, namely, wet (single sheet hot-dip galvanizing), out-of-line annealing (single sheet hot-dip galvanizing), hot-dip galvanizing Wheeling (strip continuous hot-dip galvanizing), and in-line annealing Sendzimir. (Sendzimir) Act (Protective Gas Act), Modified Sendzimir Act, United States Steel (with Japan's Kawasaki Act), Selas Act and Sharon Act.

Electric heating zinc boiler

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