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Common problems in galvanizing pot production

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Common problems in galvanizing pot production

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

Common problems in galvanizing pot production

In the production of galvanizing pot, the shutdown and overhaul of galvanizing pot is inevitable. Especially in large and medium-sized galvanizing plants, the shutdown period of galvanizing pot is as long as one month, and it requires a great amount of manpower and material resources. Not only the galvanizing output will be restricted, but also the production cost will be greatly wasted, thus greatly reducing. Low production efficiency of galvanized factories. In the production process of zinc pot, if the leakage of zinc occurs, many zinc liquid can not be extracted in time, which will cause great waste, economic losses and environmental pollution. In the process of overhauling the zinc pot, many zinc liquids are converted from liquid to solid, and then from solid to liquid. The cost of zinc liquids being oxidized is more serious, and it takes a long time for the zinc pot to start up again (zinc ingot reheating).

In order to reduce the probability of zinc leakage accident and shorten the maintenance cycle time, the mobile electric heating zinc liquid heat preservation tank developed by Chenyu Zinc Pot Plant is convenient to use, safe and reliable, reduces zinc consumption, saves zinc potting time, and reduces accidents (zinc pot cracking and other phenomena) in zinc potting process.

Galvanizing pot

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