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What problems do zinc boilers pay attention to when they are galvanized?

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What problems do zinc boilers pay attention to when they are galvanized?

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

What problems do zinc boilers pay attention to when they are galvanized?

Reminds the staff to pay attention to several points when galvanizing: zinc temperature should be controlled between 440 - 460 C, zinc dipping time should be controlled between 30 - 60 seconds, aluminum content (zinc level aluminum content 0.01 - 0.02%), zinc ingot should be used as national standard zinc ingot Zn0 - 3. It is necessary to maintain and control the reliability of the pull-in screw and pull-out lifting device, strengthen the lubrication of the cylinder, adjust the height and angle of the galvanized pipe distributor, and adjust the equipment to the best state. The position of the proximity switch should be accurate; the thermocouple wires and watches should be used in a unified model; otherwise, the temperature error is large, and the protective sleeve of the thermocouple should be checked and replaced frequently. Operators of the operating table should manually adjust the speed to prevent pipe jamming according to the operation of the equipment before the furnace and gesture command. The tools used in front of the furnace should be preheated before they are used to prevent zinc splashing from hurting people; the angle steel should be checked frequently and cleared out in time if it is found; the equipment should be adjusted in time to ensure the safety of the equipment. When adding zinc to the pot, zinc ingots should be preheated first, and no more than five zinc bundles should be allowed when adding zinc. The zinc ingots should be slowly scratched down longitudinally to the wall of the pot, so as not to damage the pot and splash out a large number of zinc injuries. Zinc melting should be slowly heated, not burning, otherwise it will damage the life of the galvanizing pot, and a large number of zinc vapor volatilization. If the harmful gas is overabsorbed by human body, it will suffer from a disease of "casting fever". In the process of zinc melting, once the zinc has a high temperature, do not use your hands to move the zinc block, so as to avoid burns, should use appropriate tools to move it.

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