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Analysis of relationship between corrosion protection technology and temperature of electric heating zinc boiler

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Analysis of relationship between corrosion protection technology and temperature of electric heating zinc boiler

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

Analysis of relationship between corrosion protection technology and temperature of electric heating zinc boiler

Anti-corrosion technology of zinc pot is a brand-new technological invention. It uses special materials and surface treatment technology. What is the purpose of zinc plating production line is to completely isolate zinc liquid from iron-made zinc pot, thus preventing the corrosion of iron and zinc liquid in zinc pot. Solve the problem of zinc pot corrosion in hot galvanizing industry. Hot-dip galvanizing pot is made by hot-dip galvanizing, many people do not know what is hot-dip galvanizing? Temperature should be controlled in what range? Now hot-dip galvanizing pot factory to explain to you hot-dip galvanizing.

Hot-dip galvanizing is a kind of corrosion-resistant metal, are used in various industries of metal structure facilities, such as hot-dip galvanizing pot, is the use of this principle. Hot dip galvanizing also has two ways, one is hot dip galvanizing, the other is hot dip galvanizing. These two methods may be more understandable. Yes, hot-dip galvanizing requires immersion and temperature.

Hot-dip galvanizing pot is to remove rust after steel into 500 degrees Celsius zinc solution, so that steel components on the surface of a layer of zinc coating, which can play an anti-corrosion role. This is the way to prevent corrosion in household hot-dip galvanizing pot. Hot-dip galvanizing was brought to industry from France. Now, with the development of cold-rolled strip, transportation and communication, hot-dip galvanizing has been widely used to protect steel parts.

Zinc boiler

Long term corrosion problem of zinc pot in hot dip galvanizing industry

1. The service life of the zinc pot is low. Because the steel has poor corrosion resistance to molten zinc at hot-dip galvanizing temperature, the wall of the pot and the zinc liquid will react continuously to form zinc slag, which makes the zinc pot thin and deformed quickly and scrap. If the heating is uneven, corrosion is more serious, easy to produce perforation, resulting in zinc liquid leakage and zinc pot scrapping. According to the different materials, heating methods, temperature control accuracy and management of the zinc pot, the life of the zinc pot is only a few months, and generally needs to be repaired in about one year.

2. Zinc slag. Zinc slag produced by corrosion of zinc pot not only causes serious zinc loss, but also leads to poor liquidity of zinc solution, resulting in excessive thickness of zinc coating, both of which greatly increase the cost of zinc plating. At the same time, zinc slag will also adhere to the surface of the coating, so that the appearance of the product is not qualified. Additional manual checks and finishes are required. It can be said that the corrosion resistance of zinc pot is a technical problem that has long troubled the hot dip galvanizing industry.

five bright points of zinc pot anticorrosion technology

1. Prevent zinc pots from being corroded.

2. Significantly reducing zinc slag production.

3. Improve the surface quality of plated parts.

4. The scope of application of technology is extensive.

5. Heating mode is more free.

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