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Points for attention in the use of zinc boilers

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Points for attention in the use of zinc boilers

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Points for attention in the use of zinc boilers

1. The furnace temperature is controlled below 750 C.

2, zinc liquid temperature below 460 degrees C for zinc plating. Before starting the galvanizing pot, the heating curve which accords with the actual situation should be drawn up, and the hourly heating should be less than 10 C.

3. In the use of galvanizing pot, the zinc slag at the bottom of zinc solution is not higher than 150 mm, and should be cleared in time when it exceeds, and the zinc ash on the surface should not be accumulated.

4. Reasonable capacity of zinc liquid should be maintained in the pot. The zinc liquid level should not be lower than the heating surface to prevent the high temperature corrosion zone of zinc liquid level. In production, the maximum output should be controlled, the volume ratio of production and galvanizing pot should be scientific and reasonable, and the heat input and output should maintain a relative balance and stability.

5, galvanized pot in heating planning and use of the heating surface must be uniform, not part of the high temperature.

6. To draw up the production process and operating procedures in line with the actual configuration of qualified temperature monitoring instruments, temperature measuring devices with the breakdown of the change, and do a good job of relevant records.

7. Galvanizing pot should be shut down for repair and maintenance after 12 months of operation. Some corrosion should be repaired in time to prolong the use time.

8. The galvanizing pot should adopt pre-expansion measure or zinc extraction method after stopping the furnace to prevent the galvanizing pot from being damaged by zinc thermal expansion during reproduction.

Zinc boiler

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