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How is the channel type electric heating zinc boiler built?

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How is the channel type electric heating zinc boiler built?

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

How is the channel type electric heating zinc boiler built?

With the development of metallurgical industry in our country, the cold-rolled strip has already begun to develop very well. In the cold-rolled strip industry, the lining structure of various industrial furnaces imported from abroad for galvanizing production line, how to build the lining structure of zinc pot?

First of all, the channel type of zinc pot before lining, the bottom and wall of the pot should also show a vertical and horizontal center line and the highest position of brick; in the lining of zinc pot, do not set expansion joints, masonry of steel shells and insulation should be close to masonry; masonry joints between turns should not be too large.

Second, if the zinc pot is arched, then it is necessary to install a zinc pot wall roof arc cover plate, zinc pot bottom masonry after the arc cover plate, so as to determine the inner edge of the zinc pot.

Third, the inner lining of the zinc pot and the top cover of the pot should have expansion joints and sewn with fire-resistant blanket.

Fourth, when laying a zinc pot, it is necessary to lay the bottom of the pot first, so how to lay the bottom of the pot? First of all, it depends on what you are using for masonry, if it is lightweight swivel masonry, then as long as a row of seams from the middle to the two sides of the masonry; there is also a kind of reverse arch brick, it is necessary to cross-symmetrical masonry from the center of the two sides, in the masonry should pay attention to the ground level. If the bottom of a zinc pot is V-shaped bricklaying, it is necessary to use heat-insulating light bricks after masonry, and then on top of a layer of pouring structure layer, to find the bottom of the zinc pot masonry slope. Pay attention to fire resistance, make a trapezoidal shape, and then build symmetrical brickwork beside the trapezium.

Fifth, next is the masonry of the zinc pot wall. The non-working layer should be laid with zinc pot wall weighting on the arch; the straight wall should be laid with staggered joints to a certain height, and the working layer and the heat insulation layer should be laid, and the pouring area should be laid according to the requirements, the buffer layer should be painted with anchors, and the induction port of the template should be designed; the arch wall should be laid with radian at the brick. The fire resistance of the working layer is good and the masonry is built at the corner.

Sixthly, to make an induction heater in a zinc pot, you need to make a resistive mold. The mold must be installed on the same level as the steel shell around, and the flange surface.

Zinc plated production line

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