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How to deal with the relationship between galvanized pot equipment and production?

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How to deal with the relationship between galvanized pot equipment and production?

Published: 2018-05-30 Author: Click:

How to deal with the relationship between galvanized pot equipment and production?

Zinc pot news: How to deal with the relationship between equipment and production has always been a major problem in manufacturing enterprises, such as the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in our lives.

In fact, if we can handle this relationship well, we should also look at the working methods and principles of the supervisor with the equipment. It can be said that the contradiction between the equipment and the production is often caused by the incompatibility of the equipment. Although the producers sometimes mishandle this phenomenon, it is still a minority. Let's follow the zinc pot. !

Problem point:

1) production and equipment have become stereoscopic. When problems arise, they will act independently and accuse each other.

2) Is the equipment maintenance personnel busy with the production line day after day to reflect the value of its existence, or can they make tea and sleep all day without delay in production? When the production sees that the equipment side has nothing to do all day, what is the mentality of the relatively high wage?

3) is the equipment maintenance personnel in a service mindset to face the work? It is still a high quality and light production heart.

4) what causes the equipment maintenance personnel to complain about the production line? When the equipment staff repairs the production line, is it "fish" or "fish"?

5) is the target of production supervisor and equipment supervisor consistent?

6) is the wages of equipment personnel linked to production capacity and warehousing?

7) what kind of talent is needed for equipment supervisor?

With these questions, we will analyze some of the root causes that can be solved in these two relationships.

1) Since it is stereoscopic, there must be some kind of interest that neither side is willing to accept, then we can eliminate this opposition if we find it. Some people upstairs said that it is indeed possible to manage production and equipment together, but the person who really has the right to deploy production and equipment should not be a person. The managers of these two areas must be separated but should belong to the same production department, and the performance appraisal of the same department should be the same, because the goals are the same and the performance of their respective work is reflected in one side. The related problem in punishment and reward is that both should bear responsibility and honor. Supervisors should not let all kinds of equipment problems and their own personnel down the line, so we will talk about the following, our equipment Supervisors should do something.

2) This problem should be the mentality and educational method that the equipment supervisor should possess. The content of my psychological training for my equipment maintenance personnel is as follows:

If you can keep the line that you're responsible for running smoothly and well, I'll support you even if you sleep on this weekday, but do you really have the ability? If not, what do you find you lack? Our goal is to make sure that the more leisure we have, the better we will be, and the higher our performance will be.

3) My education to the maintenance staff is that we should always face the maintenance equipment with a kind of service mentality. We are different from the production front-line staff, they do value-added activities, and we do non-value-added activities. It should be understood that our work is to enable employees to produce greater efficiency. If we go to production because of all kinds of problems, it will greatly reduce the efficiency of our employees, of course, our performance will be lower and lower, should not despise the production of front-line employees, they are the real payroll to us. So we have to find ways to let them produce more and better products, so that we can make our industry. Performance is better reflected.

4) When an equipment personnel is unwilling to do is repeatedly appear in the production line to solve the same problem, since it is repeated problems, there must be a solution, like if a person is making the same mistake, it is not a problem of ability, it is difficult to say that the brain. We should take time and effort to study and solve the problem, and in peacetime we should organize and train the principle, maintenance and operation of the equipment, so that employees have the ability to self-repair, so that when problems arise, employees can prevent or eliminate in advance, without maintenance personnel to do a thorough overhaul. You are the rookie maintenance worker you teach.

5) Production Supervisor and Equipment Supervisor should communicate with each other in a long-term and friendly way, so that those who do the following things will see the above and will consciously abide by these unwritten rules. Only then can you know what you need to do most.

6) Maintenance personnel should be asked to take the initiative to look at the daily production line completion, which is very beneficial to their own work, equipment supervisor should add to the wages of the production line shipment requirements, with the largest number of good maintenance personnel awarded.

7) The equipment supervisor has to learn the basic skills of the product to do this: he will, I will; he will not, I will; in doing so, he will be able to suppress the maintenance personnel's arrogant ideas of work. Only in this way can we be a leader and be more convenient in dealing with things.

The best personality for the equipment supervisor is to be open, good at communicating, good at training service ideas, strong in business ability, warm and smiling at work, and to influence the people under him in his own way.

It has been 8 months since I took over this piece of equipment, and the maintenance personnel have never had any disputes with the production line, the production capacity has been steadily improved, the work enthusiasm of the staff has been high, and the personality has changed greatly. Therefore, I have also set the task assignment for them:

1. The most skilled - - mainly responsible for fault research, and write records, and training staff knowledge. There are also new tooling and fixture manufacturing and research. As little as possible to the production line maintenance.

2, medium technology - responsible for online maintenance and inspection, and nurturing new rookie technicians.

3. New Maintenance Personnel - Responsible for Logistics Support in Equipment Department, and Serious and Technical Medium Personnel Learning in Production Line

In this way, the actual level of online service personnel, can not be very high, but can improve the existing problems, such as the second type of personnel in our internal regulations, is not easy to conflict with the production line, because he is not the most important person than his cow, if not good performance will be punished. In this way, the best teacher can not directly deal with the production line, but also alleviate some of the pressure.

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