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Structural features and special features of cooling tower for galvanizing pot equipment

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Structural features and special features of cooling tower for galvanizing pot equipment

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Structural features and special features of cooling tower for galvanizing pot equipment

(1) Tower body: reasonable profile, smooth air flow, excellent material, bright color, surface glue coat resin containing anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-aging, high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance. Anqiu Wei He hot galvanizing equipment. The lower tower body can be equipped with overflow, sewage discharge and automatic water supply pipes according to the order requirement. It can absorb water directly from this place, eliminating the cooling pool and equipped with noise-proof mat to effectively reduce the sound of dripping water.

(2) Filler: Modified polyvinyl chloride wave plate, transversely increased ribs, water redistribution ability, small resistance, good thermal performance, high temperature 70 degrees, low temperature - 50 degrees, good flame retardancy.

(3) Rotary water distributor and water distribution pipe: equipped with stainless steel ball bearings, flexible and reliable operation, low water head, uniform distribution of water, aluminum alloy or internal heating ceramic zinc pot made of water distribution pipe, pipe installed water collecting plate, to overcome the phenomenon of drifting water.

(4) Fans: Low-noise, high-efficiency fans designed by the Department of Engineering Mechanics of Tsinghua University according to a series of cooling tower parameters, aluminum alloy plate airfoils or hot-dip galvanizing equipment blades, low noise, high efficiency.

(5) Motor: Low noise energy-saving motor designed for cooling tower by Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University on the basis of Y series installation dimensions, has good sealing and waterproof performance, high temperature resistance, high efficiency and low noise.

(6) Decelerator: Adopted polyester fiber reinforced neoprene power belt transmission, high temperature resistance, high efficiency, water does not stretch, to overcome the slippage phenomenon, noise is very small.

(7) Sound Absorption Facilities: Extra-low noise cooling tower with sound absorption material shielding outside the air inlet, and installed in the upper and lower parts of the sound absorption grating, in order to achieve the greatest noise reduction effect. Anqiu Wei Hei heating ceramic zinc pot internal information. A horn shield with sound absorbing material and sound absorbing grating are installed at the air outlet of the upper tower body to reduce the noise from the fan and motor.

(8) Air inlet window: equipped with 100 blades of hot-dip galvanizing equipment to reduce drifting water, low air resistance, especially suitable for northern areas and all year round need to use cooling tower units.

(9) Brackets: All steel brackets at fan, filler, inlet window, tower body, etc. are assembled, galvanized or painted for corrosion protection. All fasteners are made of galvanized or stainless steel bolts. 2. Square cross-flow cooling tower This series of cross-flow internal heating ceramic zinc pot cooling tower uses both sides of the air intake, close to the top of the fan, so that air through the tower on both sides of the packing, and hot water medium exchange, humid and hot air to the tower outside. The filler adopts the point wave plate with convex points on both sides, and the point wave plate is bonded into a whole by the mounting head to improve rigidity. The convex points on both sides can avoid direct dripping, so the water film forming ability is improved, and the water collecting measures are arranged at the tail of the filler.

The advantages of the hot-dip galvanizing equipment cooling tower are as follows:

1. Save space and lighten the structure.

Compared with the original HBLD series and the original HBLCD series, the area occupied by the high-efficiency heat exchange packing designed specially for this series of cooling towers has been greatly reduced. Because of the optimization of structural design and the use of steel structure, the operation weight has also been greatly reduced.

2, save electricity.

The airfoil hot-dip galvanizing equipment designed by Tsinghua University and the filler with low ventilation resistance is used to reduce the power of the motor. The motor used in the ultra-low noise type has less power and saves more electricity. The double-speed motor can also be used to save electricity according to the requirements of users.

3. Running noise is very low.

The low-noise axial-flow fan with FRP wing and low-noise motor for cooling tower designed by Tsinghua University are used to reduce the operation noise of cooling tower. The operation noise of the ultra low noise series cooling tower is lower, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. If two-speed motor is used, noise can be reduced by 2-3 dB (A) at night when it is running at low speed. Users need two-speed motor to make a separate request when ordering.

4. Good corrosion resistance.

The tower body, flume and panel are made of FRP material with good corrosion resistance, and light stabilizer is added to the rubber coat resin, which has good anti-aging performance and keeps color unchanged for a long time. Anqiu Wei Hei heating ceramic zinc pot. Galvanizing treatment is adopted to improve the corrosion resistance of the cooling tower after processing the steel structural parts of the tower body. During the normal service life, no additional corrosion protection is required.

5. Convenient combination.

Combination can be used to meet the requirements of different working conditions, users can also decide the combination according to the site conditions, and according to the characteristics of the user's building, adjust the appearance of cooling tower. Such as user site is very limited. Our company can also design for the special requirements of users, to meet the user's thermal performance and noise requirements.

6, maintenance convenience

This series of cooling towers are combined design. The air chambers of adjacent cooling towers are separated from each other. It can be maintained and repaired under the premise of normal operation of cooling towers. It is more convenient to clean packing, water pipe and water tank.

Galvanizing pot

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