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Galvanized hot water boiler

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Galvanized hot water boiler

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Electric heating zinc boiler

Proper use of galvanized pot is a matter of great importance. Electric heating zinc boilers should do the following:

1) strictly control the temperature of zinc solution, preferably not more than 480 degrees centigrade.

2) The productivity (output) of the galvanizing pot must be in accordance with its own size and must not exceed the heat load on the heating surface (the heat load on the heating surface is determined by the productivity of the galvanizing pot and the size of the heating area).

3) zinc slag should not be accumulated on the heating surface, and the slag cleaning should be strengthened.

4) the design of the furnace should avoid heat in the place where there is zinc slag.

5) The cold zinc ingot should not be directly added to the zinc bath of the galvanizing pot to melt the zinc ingot and the zinc scraps (including the blowing):

6) avoid direct heating of zinc ingots by galvanizing pot for melting.

7) In the production process, try to do a good job of production organization, do not start or stop causing sudden cold or hot, so that the galvanizing pot wall of the iron-zinc alloy layer off and lose protection.


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