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Why does zinc slag appear in the working process of zinc boiler?

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Why does zinc slag appear in the working process of zinc boiler?

Published: 2023-01-05 Author: Click:

Why does zinc slag appear in the working process of zinc boiler?

Zinc boilers are widely used in the construction, agriculture and transportation industries. With large thickness, regular zinc flakes on the surface, good corrosion resistance, processing formability and weldability, zinc boilers are often used as anti-corrosion equipment. But during the working process of Ziah zinc pot, zinc slag will appear after a period of time, so why? Xiao Bian learned that the quantity and morphology of the zinc slag particles are related to Al content, zinc liquid temperature, sink roll and other factors. Specific measures include:

1. When adding zinc ingots in the zinc pot, add high aluminum ingots according to the proportion to gradually increase the aluminum content, so as to ensure that the aluminum content (mass fraction) in the zinc liquid is controlled at 0.26%~0.3%. A small amount of nitrogen is introduced into the slagging area for stirring, and the zinc level is cleaned every 2h.

2. In the early stage of roll mark, increase the load of the cooling section of the heating furnace, reduce the temperature of the strip steel entering the zinc pot to 400~430 ℃, and reduce the preset temperature of the zinc pot to 450~455 ℃ to prevent the zinc pot inductor from starting high power to raise the temperature of the zinc liquid, thus reducing the iron and zinc reaction speed in the zinc pot, reducing the heat reaction energy entering the zinc pot, and preventing the formation of the roll mark.

3. The service life of sink roll shall not exceed 30d. The replaced sink roll shall be sprayed to effectively prevent the surface roughness of the sink roll from becoming larger or being eroded in the later period of use.

The above is about the post-treatment method of zinc slag in the process of zinc pot work. If you have different opinions, please add.

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