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Chapter 1 zinc pot

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Hot dip galvanized zinc bath for steel structure is usually called zinc pot, and most of them are welded by steel plates. The steel galvanizing pot is not only convenient to make, but also suitable for heating with various heat sources and convenient to use and maintain, especially suitable for matching the large steel structure parts galvanizing production line. The galvanizing bath made of other refractories, such as inner heating, upper heating and induction heating, has high manufacturing cost and maintenance requirements, and is seldom used in hot-dip galvanizing of steel structural parts.

The quality of hot-dip galvanized coatings and the production efficiency are closely related to the technology adopted and the life of the zinc pot. If the zinc pot is corroded too quickly, leading to premature damage or even perforation leakage of zinc, resulting in direct economic losses and indirect economic losses of shutdown is very large. Therefore, how to improve the service life of zinc pots is a matter of great concern to all. This book will introduce and analyze the material, processing, structure, heating, zinc bath temperature, heating strength and other factors that affect the service life of the zinc pot.