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Company name: Ansteel Machinery Development Private Enterprise Machinery Factory

Anshan Shuangxing Galvanizing Co., Ltd

Contact: Shen Taisheng


Tel.: 0412-8812449

Q Q:1481198998

Postal code: 114000

Email: bestgalvanizing@163.com

Website: www.agxinguo.com

Plant site: Ansteel plant

Office address: No. 111, Ximinsheng Road, Tiexi District, Anshan, Liaoning

Galvanizing pot press 1200t hydraulic press

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Galvanizing pot press 1200t hydraulic press

  • Galvanizing pot press 1200t hydraulic press

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Equipment introduction:

The maximum production capacity of our factory is 100 tons of various special-shaped galvanized pans. It has full-automatic submerged arc welding machine, gas shielded welding machine, plasma cutting machine, multi-function hydraulic press, and can make various corners.


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