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How to better choose the galvanized pot for use?

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How to better choose the galvanized pot for use?

Published: 2023-01-05 Author: Click:

With the wide application of hot-dip galvanizing pot equipment, the hot-dip galvanizing industry has developed more rapidly. Now there are many hot-dip galvanizing manufacturers, and the competition in the industry is also very fierce. The manufacturers have a leading position in the industry, so the hot-dip galvanizing equipment has been better developed, At present, there will be more perfect equipment to replace the old hot-dip galvanizing production line, so as to better improve the efficiency and safety of production. But now the choice of galvanized pot also needs to be more rigorous.

The circular hot galvanizing production line is mainly a circular production process, which is also suitable for the factory at present. The galvanizing pot is relatively economical in area, and the production process will be more perfect. This kind of equipment is also more intensive when the factory is producing.

1. When purchasing at present, we should pay more attention to several aspects: size, material, shape, heat source and other auxiliary equipment.

2. It is necessary to ensure the normal operation of the whole work process.

Galvanized pot manufacturer

3. Different industries and different materials will choose some more suitable price types of galvanized pots.

In the current galvanized pot market, the most important thing is to choose more environmentally friendly equipment.

When using the galvanizing pot now, more attention should be paid to the correct use of the galvanizing pot equipment, so that the effect of the galvanizing pot can be better. First of all, the temperature of the plating solution should be strictly controlled, and the temperature should not exceed 480 degrees when using now; The current output of the galvanizing pot must be compatible with its own size, and cannot exceed that of the heating surface; Zinc slag can not be stacked on the heating layer at present, so it is necessary to strengthen slag removal; In the current design of the galvanizing pot, it is important to avoid injecting heat into the place where there is zinc slag. This is mainly because a small zinc melting pot is used to melt zinc ingots and zinc scraps, instead of directly adding cold zinc ingots to the zinc liquid of the galvanizing pot; It is necessary to better avoid direct melting of various hot zinc ingots in the galvanizing pot; In the process of production, try to make arrangements as much as possible. Don't start and stop all the time. This is also a big danger to the galvanized pot. At present, the iron or zinc alloy layer on the galvanized pot wall has fallen off and lost many aspects of protection.

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