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Temperature measurement and temperature control system of fourth hot galvanizing furnace

Current position: Home >> technical information >> Temperature measurement and temperature control system of fourth hot galvanizing furnace

It is very important to accurately measure, control and record zinc bath temperature.

1. temperature measurement

Ni Cr / Ni Al type thermocouple (k Division) is used to measure the temperature of zinc solution as a temperature sensor. To prevent zinc from eroding the thermocouple, a protective sleeve is made of the same material as the pot wall. One end of the sleeve is sealed and the thermocouple is inserted from the other end. The thermocouple measuring points are usually arranged in four corners of the zinc pot and 10~20mm from the boiler wall. The thermocouple sleeve is suspended in zinc bath. The support or fixing frame of the thermocouple sleeve should be easy to install and disassemble without affecting the operation of hot galvanizing. Regular ash removal and slag cleaning are very important for accurate measurement of zinc bath temperature.

When a new zinc pot is heated, the recorded temperature often lags behind the actual temperature in the pot until the ingot begins to melt.

For gas or oil fired furnaces, it is often recommended that two thermocouples (generally distributed in the diagonal position of the zinc pot) be installed in the zinc pot and connected to different temperature controllers to control the heating of zinc steel simultaneously. For electric heating furnaces, two thermocouples can also be installed on the side walls and bottom of the zinc pot without heating.

Temperature records and measurements often have errors, the main reasons for errors are: thermocouple damage or short circuit; temperature meters have not been corrected and its own errors; compensation wire wiring errors, or the wrong selection of compensation wire type, or the wrong use of general wire instead of compensation wire. Check lines and regular nuclear instruments regularly.

2. temperature control

The temperature of zinc liquid should be controlled, recorded and adjusted by special equipment, and the function of alarm and protection should be provided. The control and alarm device can be connected to a post of a duty officer to ensure continuous monitoring and control.