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The fifth chapter is auxiliary equipment.

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Section 1 pumping zinc pump and slag remover

When repairing or replacing the zinc pot, the zinc liquid can be quickly extracted from the zinc pot by the zinc pump. Generally, the zinc pump can extract 1-2 t zinc liquid per minute. The zinc pump is shown in Fig. 5-1. When using a zinc pump, the following procedures must be followed: vertical lifting of the zinc pump with a crane, staying 10 cm above the zinc bath surface, using the radiation heat of zinc liquid to heat the zinc pump for 3-5 minutes; then slowly immerse the zinc pump body into the zinc bath surface about 10 cm below, let the zinc pump heating for 3-5 minutes, rotating the pump shaft by hand, such as the pump shaft has already been. If the pump can rotate freely, the zinc pump should be started immediately (pay attention to the correct direction of rotation of the pump shaft), so as to avoid excessive growth of iron-zinc alloy in the pump and blocking the zinc pump. Zinc temperature should be checked regularly when pumping zinc.

The nozzle of zinc pump flow pipe should be kept a small distance higher than the zinc level in zinc ingot mold or spare zinc pot, so as to reduce the zinc impact spatter oxidation and damage to zinc ingot mold or spare zinc pot. After completing the zinc pumping, the zinc pump must continue to operate for a short period of time before and after leaving the remaining zinc liquid, so as to remove all the remaining zinc in the pump.

After the zinc pump is lifted from the pot, it is necessary to insert some steel plates into the remaining zinc liquid at the bottom of the pot vertically so that the zinc can be divided into several large zinc ingots after solidification; each zinc ingot must be pre-solidified by inserting a strong steel ring, which is usually bent into a_shape with thick steel bars, so as to facilitate the removal and lifting of these large zinc. Ingot.

Zinc slag in zinc pot should be removed regularly. Salvage zinc slag is usually carried out with slag remover. There are many forms of slag remover. Grab bucket type slag remover is a more common one, as shown in Figure 5-2. The grab-type dregs collector has a movable grab. There are many small holes in the steel plate of the grab to allow the free flow of zinc, while the zinc slag is left in the bucket. Slag collector is operated by the workshop crane suspended above the zinc pot. For safety reasons, the opening and closing of the grab is generally pneumatic, and the cylinder is used to drive the connecting rod to control the opening and closing of the grab.

The steel parts immersed in zinc bath when the zinc pump and slag dredger are working should be made of corrosion resistant materials.

Waste acid wastewater treatment plant and flue gas ash removal equipment are also important auxiliary devices and equipment in hot galvanizing plant, but people often classify them as environmental protection devices and equipment according to their functions.